's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Story of a lifetime "

Submitted by Aoakesme (

They told me I had to write the story of a life time, the story of centuries or of aeons. I tried my absolute best to find the story, I thought it had to be something real! No, no it could have been fiction, but here I am writing away an experience I had sought, an experience that I hope will get the damnable attention I demanded. From the buttons of this typewriter I will begin it from whence it started.

Stepping out of my house, holding the local news with the tiny entry saying “Write a story, earn a fortune!” with the conditions that I should have read but didn’t just lying underneath, I ran as far as I could. Maybe the adventure would just fall on me, I possibly thought. I blindly followed it, I was obsessed with the idea. I was so certain that it’d happen.

If it wasn’t obvious by now, yes it all happened, yes I got my adventure, and no, I don’t know if I’ll get the fortune. It gets a bit weird from here on out, but I assure anyone, as the reader, that I swear upon my life that it has occurred to me. It truthfully doesn’t help that I began by running straight to someone I knew, my best friend Jonathan. I was so damn excited to start my story that I asked him for help, a direction or a lead. Knowing that I’m not the… wittiest, person alive, he suggested that I tried a new hallucinogen he’d been growing! With little questioning I agreed to it, because I was seriously desperate for that adventure. Who would have thought that’d be exactly what I needed. The drug was a small plant, just a basic leaf, like a cross between a petal and a maple leaf, that I had to chew on.

It started like nothing, I felt nothing saw nothing thought nothing about it, waiting for the drugs to kick in. Jonathan simply stared me straight in the eyes, waiting for the same event. After minutes, maybe too many, I stated bluntly that “Nothing’s happening”. He protested that I need to wait just a bit longer. The wait was almost killing me. My vision finally started to blur, the edges wavering… They were like translucent tendrils. My eyes widened as I realized this, and I felt my body plunging through the worlds and everything becoming darker.

I was fully conscience the entire time, falling through countless voids with eerie chanting heard in the far and pale figures lying around just out of my grasp of vision… I finally felt like I was on proper ground after a while, but that didn’t helped for anything. Nothing felt like a dream. It felt too real to be one. The world around me was twisted in the most strange of ways. The walls of the house I was in, were made of cartilage, with an entire wall being nibbled away by ants with gavial jaws and the outside world of orange skies. I walked out of the room, seeing the gargantuan twisted bone trees, each having their own colonies of small birds with mouths composing most of their body all screaming at each other with different tones, the roads made of glass with nothing but abyss under, the fields being littered with turtles that either has eyes for scales on their shells, or hollow with eyes bearing resemblance to lotus pods or the strange denizens with small globular eyes centered on their foreheads, rhinoceros-like lips, their blue-tinted beige skins with overly long limbs and tiny hands waddling around the landscape.

Off in the distance, I saw it… The most splendid thing in all of existence, the most beautiful apparition my eyes had been graced upon, the loveliest lies of them all! The most magnificient shadow elevating into the heavens with graceful curls of hair covering the entire woman upon my sights… Her beautiful, black hair covering her body from head to toe, excluding the most precious part, her visage! Her most precious eyes, the lovely little nose I just couldn’t believe my own eyes! All surrealism of the landscape surrounding me, everything that had happened absolutely didn’t mattered in the sights of this beloved girl, I was astounded, amazed, aghast, flabbergasted and could not control my heart nor desires no longer! I set course for the woman, her taunting gaze setting into mine, as she beckons me and my heart to follow. I walked for what felt like hours, until she gracefully glided into a perfectly well and standard log cabin in the middle of the road… She never changed size from my perspective, the woman always eluded me but now I have her! Now I am near, this log cabin BEGGING me to enter, to meet her of my dreams, but as I entered…

The feelings, the wanting the desire this mad love, all disappeared. Infinite loneliness filled my heart, making me look to what was laid before me. A typewriter, with her sitting just behind it. She was no taller than I was, making it evident that she always hovered meters in front of me… But the woman looked at the typewriter, gloomy and scared. But I felt attracted. I felt compelled to use it, to observe it closer, to use it for my personal gain or benefit… To write my story, my experience. I begun by approaching, discarding the woman from my mind, to observe this infamously alluring typewriter. Small, compact, practical… If it was not for the jagged buttons, like glass shards with suction properties, it would have been perfect. I could not resist, I could not listen to what the woman had to say, I didn’t heard a word. I pressed a button, making a soft “Tac” as the letter ‘T’ appeared on the paper. It hurt my finger, but I pressed on… ‘They told me I had to write the story of a lifetime’ was the first sentence I wrote… My fingers feel hollow, empty, like most of my arms now... I don’t know if I’ll make it out of this intact, but it doesn’t matter. My story will be immortal, my experiences, my essence on paper. I feel the tac of the buttons against my bones but nothing will stop me. Nothing will stop me, I swear it until my very last word.................................................................................................................................................