"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Teleporter in a Penguin "

Submitted by James B. Davis

I still can’t believe we did what we did, it was terrible. Just seeing that poor creature go through what it did.

It started out so simple. We built the teleportation device. And it worked! But it only worked with small things that weren’t alive. But we tried it on an ant. Nothing really happened to it, it was a little bigger, but just barely. So then we tried a mouse, and it didn’t work, well, not as we had hoped. It was inside out. It was awful, but interesting.

So we tried another mouse. It head hanging from one thread. But it was still alive. It’s jaw was snapping at an incredible speed and it had no skin.

We..we started getting a kick out of it. We would put cats through it, they would get extra heads, maybe lose their heads. Then we got the idea of the Penguin.

We would take out the part of Teleporter that caused the effect and have the Penguin swallow it. So we got the penguin, forced the device down it’s throat, and then we could do it.

We put the Penguin in a plexiglass box then we pushed the button. The Penguin was sucked inside out.  Then seemingly out of nowhere, it came back. Just a pile of goop, but then, oh god it was awful. An arm came out, it was skinned, and human. Then came out another. Then a headless torso crawled out, skinned, horrifyingly skinny, a smoothy-like sludge pouring from it’s neck hole. Following it came three more things just like it, only one had two skinned heads. It was all that could fit in the box, but sludge continued to pour from the Penguin’s body.

The box filled with the meaty sludge, and the bodies were pushed against the Plexiglas. We panicked, we took the box down into the basement, buried it under the cement floor, and sealed up the hole. We don’t know if it’s alive. But it’s still under this house…waiting.