"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" The Baby Wars part 1 "

Submitted by James B. Davis


It all started with a few missing person reports. New born children gone from their cribs in the night. The first happening in New York city, then the next in New Jersey, another in New York. All babies, all newborns. The reports began happening quicker and more frequently. Something unnatural was happening. And it only picked up from there. Soon everyone was pregnant. It was an impossible thing. Thousands of Virgin Marys all across the country. Never touched, but blessed with children. Women from the ages of 13 to 100 were becoming pregnant. Each pregnancy only taking 3 months. Babies with abnormalities and deformities were born quicker and quicker and more and more frequently. Many of the babies didn’t make it past their birth. The nation and the world went into a depression.

Chapter 1 - The Flood part 1

Adam had a long day at work. His depression and constant worry had dragged him down that day. The worry about his family and his coming baby was a little too much for him. He had heard all about the stories, but his wife’s pregnancy seemed normal, and there was no sign of deformities or a premature birth.  But Adam couldn’t help but worry. With all the recent news, anyone expecting a child couldn’t help but worry. So many babies had been born prematurely (at only 3 months) and with deformities, and very few had made it past the birth.  Adam’s wife, Matilda, had been pregnant for 5 months, far past the normal at the time. But no matter what, something worried him in the back of his mind.

He had gotten off work early that day, but he had to walk home, a solid 5 miles. The weather was nice enough, but it was a long walk in a suit and tie with 80 degree weather. People crying was a common sight in those days, and then was no exception. Adam had seen a lot of sadness on that walk home. Dreams of being mothers and fathers had been ruined everyday.But that was the day that everything had changed.

A loud crying sound could be heard from a dumpster. Alarmed by this sound, Adam approached the dumpster. He had fully expected what he saw, but it shocked and horrified him regardless. Inside the dumpster was a crying baby. As he picked up the small child, more crying followed. Inside the dumpster, was another baby, as he examined the dumpster, he quickly realized that it was filled with babies. Behind it was also dozens of babies. He was horrified.

The dumpster began rumbling,and it then it fell over. Beneath the dumpster was a gaping hole, flooding from the hole was dozens and dozens of babies. Adam, slowly backed away, and he noticed babies flooding from all the dumpsters and trashcans.

He placed the baby in his hands softly on the ground and ran away. Babies quickly filled the street, engulfing people in their wake. People were trampled, engulfed, and squished under the baby swarm.Adam had reached his apartment building. He climbed the stairs and reached his apartment. Practically breaking down the door as he entered, he saw his wife and two children watching the streets below in horror and


“DAD!!!” His children yelled in unison as they charged toward Adam. He held the two in his arms and picked them both up. There was a sudden sound, like a sonic jet, but steadily getting louder and slowly the sun was blocked out.

Chapter 2 - The Flood part 2

The sound increasingly got louder and louder. The city became dark. People around the New York coast screamed in horror as the dark forms rose from the sea. A colossal tidal wave of many shapes descended on the city. As the wave hit the city, everyone realized what it was. The wave was completely made of babies. How they got in the sea in the first place is completely unknown even to this day.

The wave engulfed the city and crushed people, animals and even cars and buses under it’s incredible weight. Only people high up in buildings were safe from the wave. The babies filled houses and lower parts of skyscrapers. The babies were at least 50 feet deep in the streets.

Adam and his family watched from their apartment as the wave destroyed everything below. Buildings tumbled down and moved atop the wave.

The Wave mellowed down, then became a single hive organism. The large mass moved through the city. Destroying everything in it’s wake. It had left New York within two days and left almost no trace other than it’s destruction. The Flood had moved it’s way all the way to New Jersey.

The flood didn’t just stop at destroying things. It had stolen any baby along it’s way and made them part of The Flood. Somehow, as it picked up the babies, it turned them into part of its hive mind. All the top scientists and biologists had been hired to try and figure out the dilemma, but not one could figure out an explanation for the hive mind or how to stop it. The only way, would to be exterminate it.

Chapter 3 - Drafted

Weeks after The Flood had hit New York, thousands of soldiers had been drafted to fight the ever growing Flood. Most soldiers had died trying to fight The Flood. And since The Flood had hit, many other abnormal things had happened.

People had stopped getting pregnant. No one had been pregnant since The Flood. Adam’s wife was the last woman pregnant, and she was worried, as her stomach pains had increased since The Flood.

Adam was worried about his family more than anything else. He didn’t care about the world outside their small apartment, he cared that his family was safe. And that’s why him being drafted hit him so hard.

He was taken to a black bus in the middle of the night, and taken through the city streets. Stray babies could still be seen in the streets. Adam watched outside his window as they drove past. Armed men carrying guns walked down the street. The black bus arrived at a quickly built military base in the city square. The drafted men were taken out from the bus and rushed inside.

Morning came early as Adam and 21 other soldiers were taken to Chicago. Given a flamethrower, Adam was told to torch anything that moved. The 22 soldiers were moved through the now ruined city. A trail of small body parts and blood left by The Flood moved through the streets. Quickly, a long, slender tendril of babies slammed down on half of the men. Flames blazed onto the small section of Flood. The long tentacle swung around throwing men and squishing them flat.

As the long tendril wrecked havoc upon his fellow soldiers, Adam ran for his life. Through the streets, he tripped on various baby peaces and living babies. He ran down into the subway as he heard the booming cry of The Flood.

Below the city was barely lit. As The Flood passed over the subway above, it sounded like thunder. Adam, saw the many homeless people sleeping in the empty Subway Station, some of them had bite marks in them, and massive chunks of flesh torn away.  

Slowly The Flood passed over the street, and Adam ascended the stairs. Millions of baby pieces littered the streets left behind by The Flood. Adam walked down the street looking for anyone that could help him.

All 21 of the soldiers had been killed, each one had been engulfed by The Flood. Adam was completely alone.

Chapter 4 - The Long Walk Home part 1

With everything destroyed, his fellow soldiers killed, and no one to help him, Adam had to walk his way to New York. It was a very long way from Chicago to New York. He kept his flame thrower, but left his heavy armoured clothing.

As Adam walked through the now ruined Chicago, he was sickened by the many pieces of bodies lying in the street, most of which belonged to babies. The smell alone was terrible. A thick layer of blood and other goops covered the street, and made a rather slippery walking surface.

Lone babies still walked the street. Some just rolling around in the mutilated corpse juice that covered the streets. Others crawling in and out of buildings and houses.

Adam had become troubled by the rumbling sound behind him. As he turned around to see what was creating this horrible sound, a large black car was hurled through the air at him. He ducked down and quickly shot back up, only to look in terror at what stood before him.

Above him stood an amalgamation of horror. The baby parts that had littered the streets had collected into a patchwork of terror had returned. An elephant sized creature made completely out of the parts of babies stood in front of him. All of the heads had collected at what would be the chest. Each of the heads growled as it made steps toward Adam. Adam lit up his flamethrower.

Massive jets of flame shot toward the strange patchwork of evil. It screamed as the flames burned it’s flesh. The creature gave out a scream, a sonic sound wave hit Adam, knocking him back and flying through the air.  Adam hit the wall of a building, he then landed in the dumpster beneath him. Adam climbed from the baby filled dumpster and ran down the foul smelling alley way. He could still hear the creature screaming as he made it through the city streets.

Chapter 5 - The Long Walk Home part 2

Adam had been walking for a week by the time he made it to the island of Manhattan. Blood stained every inch of the city. Not only was there body parts, but entire bodies, those of babies and of full grown people. Adam was suddenly worried about his family’s life… and his own.

Adam ran, he ran as if his life depended on it. The only sound was that of his own two feet and the sound of his flamethrower beating against his side as he ran. His heart felt as if it was going to explode while he ran. He felt as if his body was breaking down and melting. Adam could see his apartment, about two city blocks away from him. He ran as hard as he ever had before in his life. His eyesight was now blurry from exhaustion. He could hardly bare it anymore. But he was there. He was home.

Adam scaled the stairs at full speed. He was finally going to see his family again.

Chapter 6 - End of Part 1

Adam burst through his door in a fury. The room was dark, “Everyone must be sleeping.” He thought to himself.  “Hello? I’m home! It’s me!” he cried out.  Adam realized something was wrong when he stepped in the living room. A thick liquid coated the floor. A sudden dread fell upon him. Tears began to fill Adam’s eyes. He then heard running in the children’s bedroom. He ran down the hallway.

The room was dark, and reeked of rot. In the corner sat two shapes, rocking back and forth. As they noticed Adam standing in the doorway, they stopped immediately. As they turned their heads, Adam saw the terror they truly entailed. His children, they had been transformed into hideous abominations. Their heads changed to huge baby proportions, their hands were massive, and their mouths were full of sharp teeth.

The two children let out a horrendous scream. Adam ran for his life and slammed the bathroom door as he entered. His two children clawing the door outside as tears streamed from his eyes. His head turned and he was met with another horrible sight.

His dead wife laid in the bathtub, her stomach burst open. Small bloody footprints covered the floor. He then heard growling from above him. As he looked up, a small bloody shape fell on him. His unborn child had fallen on him, still only a fetus, and was trying to kill him. Adam threw the child into the bathtub and ran from the room.

As he ran from the hallway he tripped over his son. He was dead, he had starved. His daughter was only five feet away, currently dying the same way. He couldn’t bare it any more. He went to the kitchen, and brought out the biggest stake knife he could find.

As he was about to bring the knife to his throat, the building was hit by a massive tremor, and then another and another. Outside was the sound like that of buildings falling and massive footsteps.