"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" The Land of Doors "

Submitted by James. B. Davis

He awoke on the white carpet floor in a pool of blood. Whether it was his blood, or the blood of the Mask Man, he was unsure. All around him was a long, white hallway, that kept going in front of him and behind him, turning occasionally and splitting in different directions.  Every five feet there was a door, on each side of the hallway. He was unsure if he trusted these doors after seeing the horrors and deceptiveness of Purgatory, but felt the need to check one.

He checked the door nearest to him. The door was white, just like everything else around him, but with subtle burn marks around the edge and corners. As he opened the door, he was met with a terrible sight of a Higher Power. Gluttonous forms crowded the horrible, impossibly massive room. A single massive creature sat in the middle of the room, towering like mountain over a forest of overweight flesh.

He slammed the terrible door. The awful smell of rot and meat still filled the hallway. He walked down the hall further, and nothing ever changed, everything looked the same. The same white carpet, same white walls, same white doors. He had be been told by the shadowed man, that he would have to reach this Sphere’s Duke, The Ever-Changing Cube, to elevate to the next Sphere, Zenith.

He then heard the sound of Hooves. He knew what it was, he knew it was A Higher Power. He knew the name of this creature, Naamah, the Succubus. He ran. He ran as fast as possible, but he knew it was  useless. Naamah, the Succubus was far too fast. Her four galloping hooves getting closer and closer with every second. Finally, Naamah had him in her terrible grasp. She was at least twenty feet tall, a woman’s face plastered onto a hideous, malformed body. A massive vertically aligned mouth was upon her entire torso.

The mouth was filled with massive, razor sharp teeth. He knew that his fate was Naamah’s terrible mouth. She lowered him into the net of teeth and met his fate. He was shredded by the gaping maw’s teeth. He was swallowed by the endless mouth, and shot through an endless void.