's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" The Night of Core "

Submitted by LAT

    If there was anyone you could call a "nightcore enthusiast", it'd be me. I've heard it all, from the old days of sincere sped up eurobeat songs to the newer post-ironic tracks, such as nightcore vaporwave and vaporwave nightcore. Today, nightcore was dwindling, it needed to be revitalized, and who else to do this other than Sonicfan99?

    I started out with loading my track of choice, Feel So Good by Waldo, into Audacity. After going through the regular 26.66 percent pitch and tempo increase, I felt that the track just wasnt unique enough for today's world. I repeated the process, increasing the pitch and tempo once again. Double nightcore has been done before, I say to myself. I repeat. Still not enough. My ears are starting to hurt after a few tries, but I'm determined to innovate. My headphones defect after a bit, sending a small electrical surge through my skull. I plug them out, and use my PC's built in speakers instead.

    In due time, my PC's speakers give in to the music as well. I searched around the house for other audio devices to use. Eventually I find a different pair of headphones, spikes lining the outer side of the headband and pentagrams on the insides of the earmuffs. I pay it no mind, and plug them in. They're surprisingly resilient, and they lasted throughout the whole project.

    I'm finally satisfied with the results. I move to take my headphones off, but i accidentally skewer my hand on the spikes, which seem to have grown in quantity. I try to recoil, dislodging my hand from my wrist in the process. I look at my other hand, which looks wrinkled and old. A quick look out the window reveals that everything is sped up. I can see my nails grow. I can feel my body deteriorating. I can hear someone knocking on my bedroom door. I twist my chair around and look into the empty socket of death's eye.