"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" The Silence of Concrete Beach "

Submitted by Joseph Hartman (

Oh, island of stone,

you stand alone,

Atop a sleeping sea.

And though I will sail,

Through storm and through hail,

No sun will comfort me.

For shores are too steep,

And waters too deep,

Dry land no one can reach.

To now, and the past.

And on to the last.

What use is a Concrete Beach?

Oh, island of rock,

Bereft of dock,

Won't you let me alight?

I come with no arms,

No hate, and no harms.

How would I bring thee blight?

No answer at all,

For walls are too tall,

Silence no voice can breach.

Islands of stone,

All standing alone.

Each bearing a Concrete Beach.