's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" The Surgeon "

Submitted by Infernalthing

A new urban legend began to spread around the world. There are rumors of a mysterious entity known only as the Surgeon. Nobody was able to fully describe his appearance, but it's only known that he is tall and wears heavy coating. His face is never seen, most certainly being covered in wraps or something, and the eyes are maybe hidden under round goggles.

The Surgeon is said to appear out of nowhere to take key individuals that just got in a fatal accident while being still alive. It's unknown from where he comes and where he goes with his "victims" but there's a popular belief that he has a secret lab where he performs surgery in order to "save" the victim's life. But after the surgery... they will never be the same again.

See, some people believe in a theory that says that if you get mortally injured in a very violent way, the enormous pain you are stuck feeling forever will prevent you from passing out and dying too quickly. This greatly extends the time you are still alive as the pain won't let your soul to leave. It's believed that even after the physical body had long died the soul is still trapped in it and endlessly felling the agonizing pain.

This made people believe that the Surgeon somehow senses when someone survives an accident and feels this way and comes to save their life by taking them to his lab. The thing is, normal medical methods shouldn't be able to save these people's lives, not after such gruesome injuries. But the Surgeon has his own unexplained methods! After surgery, the victims rarely even look humanoid at all. Their bodies being full with scars, skin being more yellower, chunks of flesh missing with exposed organs and bones, extra stitched limbs and joints, swollen or shrunken body parts, inhuman shape and more.

The permanent changes are not only physical. After enduring a pain that immense for so much time, the mind is reduced into a more animal-like state. Speech and logical thought become almost absent. Never again functioning like humans and not looking like them, people refer to these "patients" as creatures. It's belived they are kept in the Surgeon's lair. These creatures are rarely seen, even more rarely than the Surgeon himself. The only reason they are left in the outside world is for them to "take revenge", typically by killing those that caused them the accident. When faced with these people, the creatures go into a blind rage and won't stop for nothing until their target is dead. These are the only instances when they were observed to speak (if capable), usually saying their victim's name or shouting threats at them.

The Surgeon also seems to leave his creatures in strategic places when the target is most vulnerable. For example, if the target is a cop the creature will never be put to confront them when on duty, instead the creature could be placed in the target's closed to attack them when unarmed. In this way no creatures can fail or get killed.

More interestingly about the creatures is how they keep on living. Many have their insides exposed or even missing organs but don't seem to be bothered by it in any way. Their pain tolarance is ridiculously high, which comes as no surprise given their experience. Walking or crawling over broken glass does nothing to them. It's like they only need the bare minimum to survive. There were occasions when the creatures got fatally wounded but kept on going. Even impalement to the brain only slowed them. After all, the Surgeon could fix any injury they could have taken. People also say that the reason why the Surgeon helps his creatures to get revenge is that it helps relieving some of the pain.

Of course, these are only the most plausible theories and speculations. The encounters have been only reported by eyewitnesses and there's no solid evidence about the Surgeon or his creatures. The few pictures and recordings are shady at best. But some people made a community website that gathers information about the Surgeon's whereabouts. For some reason, the number of members has dropped recently...