's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" True Image "

Submitted by Lokal

Robert carefully examined his face in the mirror.

“Something’s not right” – he thought to himself.

He reached for straight razor he had prepared earlier and sliced open his cheek.

Blood dripped into the sink.

He started cutting thin strips of flesh and dropping them in sink. Eventually he sliced his eyes revealing two prismatic orbs beneath. Then he slowly removed the nose uncovering third orb. Finally last bits of flesh were scraped off underlying hard black substance.

What Robert was now seeing in the mirror was a black reflecting shape that seemingly could not support a human-like face.

“Something’s still off” – he thought.

He pushed the metal into one of seams between parts of his new face, and then pulled the plates off like pieces of broken mask. A dim light was shining  through blue flesh beneath. He tore at it with his bare hands and as soon as first beam of light broke through all remaining flesh and plates withered away and only light remained.

And from the light sprung the minds of individuals.

And that weakened the light so it could no longer illuminate the darkness.

And the darkness condensed.

And the denser darkness condensed into landmasses.

And the thinner darkness filled the gaps between them and formed the oceans.

And still some darkness remained and formed the bodies.

And the minds that sprung from the light entered the bodies.

And thus this world came to be.