's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Under the covers "

Submitted by Rugnor

Dear diary, tonight one of Them saw me. They give me shivers, usually they don't notice we are there but today I was scared and did something dumb, I made noise and then one of the little ones looked at me.

I tried to return under the bed but then it was already late, it was staring at me with those weird, damp eyes they have, I was so scared I couldn't move.

I should have followed the rules like I was told, if you hide in a dark place, like under their beds or inside their wardrobes you can stay there without fear as long as you don't make any noise. But I was silly and made noise, thats why this damp eyed thing with threads on its head began glaring at me from under those cloths they spend most of the time, at least it didn't do much more that that.

When it finally closed it's eyes I jumped into a box and closed the lid with my tail as fast as I could, from inside the box I heard how the thing howled, a long cry they do when they open the big opening under their eyes, and the room filled with a bright light and two big Things entered the room.

They were really weird and scary, it was the first time I had seen one and I was trembling, they looked a lot like the little one but were a lot bigger, despite the light I maneged to see that they had no tail and were covered in cloth instead of scales, it was horrible but I couldn't stop looking.

They searched the room for some time but I was so scared that the only thing I could do was to tremble, lukily they didn't find me and ,after some time, went away taking the little one with them.

When I could move again I slowly got out of the box and ran away as fast as I could.

Tonight was a horrible night, I will never break the rules again.