's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" What Are You Eating "

Submitted by anonymous

What Are You Eating

No seriously, what are you eating? I can tell you're eating something.

You're not just making noises with your mouth, either. There is that unmistakable crunching and sloshing of teeth and tongue going to town on some poor lump of food.

Oh, you're looking at me with these big, round eyes of yours, shimmering in the darkness, playing all innocent. You sure you don't have any food?


I could swear I just heard you swallow something. Nevermind. Let's keep going.

Further and further down these stairs, because we had to pick a direction at some point, and there is no good reason to change our mind now. Not before we've seen what's at the bottom of this staircase, I say.

I sure hope we're in a tower. Some sort of freakishly high tower? No idea how long we've been walking.

I remember how we met, though. I forgot, but then I remembered. Just now.

I was walking down the stairs and suddenly there was a door, not like one of those other doors at the sides, this one was right in the middle of the stairs, and on the other side, there was that tiny little courtyard and it was raining. And there you were, standing right next to the door back into the staircase, you were standing under a blue lantern and you were looking at me with these big, shimmering eyes of yours. And you've been with me ever since. Do you remember?

-"I remember."

Look, we've arrived on the next floor. One of the doors has iron bars in front of it, but the other one is open. Doorbell's broken. We'll just let ourselves in, then. See if there is something interesting inside. Answers, maybe. It could happen.

It's another apartment. It really looks like all the other apartments we've seen. Lots of old fashioned furniture. Everything covered in dust. Windows all boarded up. Can you peek through the cracks? I can't see anything. You think there's anything outside, even? Lights are busted, of course.

Graffiti on the walls, going all 'Don't Go Outside!!!', 'Don't go outside!!!', in screamy letters... Guess they didn't practice what they preached, huh?

That being said... Have you checked all the rooms? Nobody home? I thought so.

Let's have a look in the fridge. Maybe I'll finally find something to eat. Since a certain someone refuses to share their mystery food with me. Yeah, roll your eyes at me, why don't you.

Great. It's empty. And by 'empty' I mean the lights inside go on and there is a severed head on a plate, it's a weird head, like a human head trying to turn into a dog head.

-"Looks like a dolphin head to me."

Yeah, whatever, damn fridge is empty.

Maybe I should lay down on that bed over there. I don't think I've slept in days. Days...? No, you know what, I don't wanna lay down. Let's keep going. Back to the staircase.

I've been thinking. Isn't it weird that we haven't met anyone? Besides each other, that is.

Or any-thing. If you know what I mean. This place looks like it should have... I wanna say "monsters"? Is that weird? Am I weird? Don't answer that.

Or ghosts. This looks like a place for ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts?



Okay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled.

-"Itff okay."

You're talking with a full mouth, even! You sure you can't open that little mouth for me, just a second? Since you've got nothing to hide? Oh, okay, you've already swallowed. Bet you're feeling mighty clever.

It's just really getting to me, you know. I promise I'm not mad at you, or anything. I mean, it's weird that you're being so mysterious about it, but whatever. I just can't wrap my head around it. Where are you getting that food? How are you carrying it? You don't have any pockets? And why are you lying to me?

There! You're chewing again! Yes, Im talking to you! ...Ooooh, forget it.


Say, I've got this song stuck in my head. It goes like 'Caaalifornia, Rest in Peace, something something, lalala....'

-"...Simultaneous release..."

Oh yeah, '...California, show your teeth...'!

-"...She's my priestress, I'm your prieeest, yeeeah, yeeeah..."

Ah, good stuff, good stuff. It sounds a bit like a song about ghosts, doesn't it.

Which reminds me- WHAT ARE YOU EATING? You're doing it again!

What in the WORLD are you eating?




Oh, don't look at me like that. I'm just asking.