's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" drainwords "

Submitted by Rook Lankin

we want words to appear so we reach down into the drain to fish for one

the words left down here have twisted ends and are in general misshapen

they do not fit together with those attached to the walls

we are left at the moment with a pile of misshapen words that we cannot attach to others

we cannot use them to escape but we keep pulling them out anyhow

the newest one is 'glimpse' but the beginning is all crumpled up and the whole thing is soggy

can't tell what it is soaked with but the fluid is black and smells of ammonia

we throw it on the pile. we get bored and scared and desperate and try to stand on the pile

it collapses and we are left on the concrete floor

the back of the skull has been damaged. waters escape. words cover the body

neglected words swarm the body. they sink in sharp ends. they burrow

we can't ever be apart from these words now. the twisted, crumpled ends get inside us

that sick burning smell like heat and meat and poison gets inside and it will be a part of us for ever

we are not going to fit with the other words. we are not going up the wall to escapeĀ 

we are going down the drain to go and be the broken thing that makes the broken words