"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" sleepless night "

Submitted by gobtraz

((sidestory to a comic of mine))

Audio journal entry No. 1729:

Three shots, outside my window. And a growl. And the sound of metal skittering across the concrete. These were the noises that woke me up. Perhaps they shouldn’t, as this has been the case all my life. It was nothing newsworthy that those damn things would be violent, and it was nothing newsworthy that they would be put down like the dogs they were.

I heard it was hundreds upon hundreds of years ago that they came to us, when reality nearly broke. They came flooding in by the hundreds, aliens of all shapes and sizes. They came in claiming territory in OUR solar system, like they owned the damn place, and we feared that earth, as an inhabited planet, would be wiped out. It was apparently remarkable how quickly a group was formed to protect us, that later came to be known as the Ratcheds. They fought for our solar system, and won it back. Now the aliens stay in their places. Apparently they must have thought it was unclaimed territory back then. Hah.

But enough about the damn history of Earth. The fact is, something woke me up.  Looking out my window, I see what I can best call a maggot squid fighting off three furry…things, with glowing eyes and claws and strange canisters on their left shoulders, filled with an orange greenish fluid…ah, the Ratcheds in suit. Haven’t seen one in a while, and they never come down this street. The fucking worm thing is making a fuss over a weird white pulpy stuff and some food it must have taken off that cart. The ratched just… stuck his damn knuckle claws into the things left eye…not putting up much of a fight, huh? Well, Whatever. The damn thing is whimpering while touching that pulp. I should sleep. The Ratched guys are laughing too loudly for me to focus.