Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


While not one of the "main" characters of Tamers, today's digimon line is one of the few remaining among the partner digimon of this series that we didn't already go over before.


Only ever shown in a video game, this is at least a fairly interesting dragony blob baby, I guess. Nothing to write home about.



MUCH more like it! By which I mean this is a ridiculously awkward looking baby dragon and hilarious.



Also seen in a Tamers video game rather than the anime, the child stage here is just okay. A serviceable squat dragon-kid with interesting cybernetic claws I mistook for a bunch of drills the first time I saw this design.



Again, almost all of these forms were introduced by the tie-in video game rather than the series, but Strikedramon is pretty interesting. It has that tried and true blinding metal mask that makes so many digimon so much cooler, it's humanoid without losing the oversized, chunky digimon claws, and it has baggy pants! There's just something really funny about any digimon who specifically gains pants upon evolving.

Strikedramon is supposed to be a Monodramon who wanted to become a "virus buster," and as such, it's an otherwise friendly vaccine type who flies into a rage when it encounters a virus.



INCREDIBLY cool for an anthropomorphic dragon, if not the second coolest one in the franchise; the first being a redesign of this very digimon. This is the one form in this line that we DO see in the Tamers anime, though only in a few select episodes. Despite Strikedramon's aspirations, Cyberdramon is a vigilante vaccine not truly accepted into the "virus busters," and it's interesting how much it resembles a demon type digimon at first glance, right down to the pale blue of its underlying skin! I really like the cybernetic rubber armor with transparent panels, the red of the wings as a backdrop and I REALLY like how you can almost faintly see eyes through the dimly translucent helmet.

This is just a truly, truly badass, scary, and downright beautiful design, demonstrating that a meticulously detailed anthropomorph can still be sleek and appealing, if only more of them were designed under similar artistic principles. Nothing "juts out" awkwardly from Cyberdramon. Nothing breaks up its color scheme in a weird or tacky way. Cyberdramon is genuinely flawless.



Alas, one thing Cyberdramon does not have are very many evolutions other than the "human fusion" given to most partners in this series, and Justimon doesn't carry anything over that made Cyberdramon so gorgeous. Blue, white, grey and red just isn't a very nice looking combination, and he doesn't even have the cool faded eyes under the helmet anymore. All that's really interesting here is the implication that, by fusing with a child, Cyberdramon goes from a darker, more frightening hero to a more explicitly virtuous Champion of Justice, and, that is honestly really cute, if only there were still an Ultimate option that preserved the "H.R. Giger Batman Lizard" aesthetic.