Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



What a COOL evil dog digimon! Well, not totally evil. We've certainly seen this Adult level as a minion of malevolent digimon, but it's one of those demon digimon that was turned from a virus type to a vaccine in order to hunt other bad guys. I actually really like the sleek simplicity of its face, while the gaunt vertebrae are a detail I like on just about anything, the raptorial heel talons are terrifying on a big dog and the oversized spiked collar is a fun touch. Finally we have those red "eyes" on its legs, giving it a final dash of supernatural weirdness that feels like much more than just a scary dog.



Now you'd think this would ALWAYS be Dobermon's evolution, right? It's a demon dog with a similar color scheme that debuted the same year in the same virtual pet! But no, in fact, there have been relatively few instances since then of Cerberumon evolving from Dobermon. Why?! What the heck!?

Well, whatever. I'm putting them together. I don't think Cerberumon is as cool as Dobermon to be honest, but it's still very cool for what it is. I like the long, more reptilian looking tail than we expect from a dog, the burnt-looking flesh wherever it isn't armored, and the additional heads being its "shoulders" is a cool enough aesthetic.



Debuting eleven years later in 2013, this transformation of Cerberumon keeps the burnt flesh at least on its arms and turns the shoulder heads into RIDICULOUS giant, robotic dog-head cannons, and for that, it deserves a four. It would just be any other boring humanoid transformation if it didn't lug those freaking stupid things around, so instead I love it.



Also debuting in 2013, Plutomon unfortunately loses the dumb dog guns and just doesn't feel as fun, but I do like the "energy jaws" it's generating in its main artwork, and all the various teeth on it do look pretty cool. I think I like it a lot more than your average "nondescript armored guy" digital monster, but it's still a symptom of an overdone trend in the series. It's even yet another "excessively ruthless antihero" sort of digimon, going way too far to punish evil, which is something we've seen several times now in the same universe.

What is REALLY cool though is that, according to its profile, the various teeth in Plutomon's suit make a chattering sound as it stalks its victims! Alright, you sold me, and you get a four.



Finally, we may as well include Anubimon here with this line, since it debuted in the same virtual pet and happens to represent another canine associated with the afterlife. I guess you can consider it a more "holy" counterpart to Plutomon, then?

Not a bad Anubis, but not outstanding either. Its MAIN attack is apparently to summon a digital verison of Ammit to "devour the digicores of evil digimon," but we haven't seen this in action anywhere, so we may never know what digi-ammit looks like.