Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


More or less the "true" ultimate manifestation of the D-Reaper, the Mother forms around its original core or kernel, where it has been holding Jeri Katou, and combines her tormented mind with that of ADR-1 and every other entity the Reaper has ever killed and absorbed, including innumerable digimon and off-screen human deaths!

Mother also manages to look even more like an Evangelion angel than any other Reaper form, perhaps because ADR-09 actually fuses to form this entity's eerie, six-eyed face. Meanwhile, presumably millions of red cables comr together to form the thing's towering, robe-like body, giving it the overall shape of a humanoid figure shrouded in a ceremonial mask and red robes. This would be creepy enough even if it weren't also thousands of feet tall and had an entire town melded into its flesh, but it's also thousands of feet tall and has an entire town melded into its flesh.

The combined mind of an electronic embodiment of death with thousands of its victims and a tormented little child doesn't make for the most stable of final bosses, and it isn't long before Mother begins to unravel again - though not before manifesting yet another monstrous exaggeration of Jeri, who concurrently breaks free from the monster's control and begins to fight it from the inside while a team of programmers scramble to truly deactivate the Reaper once and for all.

In addition to obvious Evangelion roots, the D-Reaper is also another product of writer Chiaka J. Konaka's love of the Cthulhu Mythos, and the combination of these elements with the logic of Digimon results in a much more unique, interesting, and genuinely frightening villain than that combination should honestly entail. Though I still like Digimon Adventure a whole lot more as a series, I can see why Tamers is a fan favorite, and marks a point at which many felt that Digimon was a whole lot more grown-up than it looked on the outside.



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