Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



Well, at least we're out of yesterday's unpleasantness, with a digimon that's a little underwhelming but still wholesome and still mildly more interesting than some of our previous reviews. A little polar bear with a "rocket launcher" that actually fires balls of ice. Apparently this digimon species claims to be part of a top secret polar defense force, but its profile specifies that there's no evidence of this polar military ever actually existing, making Chackmon either delusional or a big fat liar. I'm not sure where they got the idea for a military polar bear to begin with, but it does have a distinctly digimon-like feel to it.



There isn't much I can say here. A giant yeti yak man is an interesting idea, but it feels like a less interesting Zudomon, who at least threw in a giant turtle shell to the mix. Things actually do look up from here, though...



Yes, really, this is the most official final hybrid stage for this line. This is the most powerful digimon that can directly inherit the power of Ancient Megatheriumon, and that is glorious. It's actually considered a cyborg digimon, on account of being a giant penguin-shaped ice maker, and it can apparently "fly" just momentarily by flapping its giant popscicles.

Daipenmon never featured in the Frontier anime, but would later appear in Xros Wars as an ancient force of destruction reawakened by the evil Lilithmon. This giant plastic sleepy penguin was treated like Cthulhu.

And we do mean GIANT: