Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



Wow...can you believe a design this unique is kind of disliked by the fandom? One of the very few times I find one of these metal suit people completely charming, and I'm apparently an exception. Come on! He's got a mirror for a face and his mouth is just a lipstick mark! It's a spooky as hell motif for the "warrior of steel" and it captures the feel of quirkier, more gimmicky Tokusatsu villain designs all too well. You won't even believe what this guy can turn into!



See!? Good lord! I loved this thing at first sight. How could you not!? This surreal collection of creepy, staring spheres is a freakishly peculiar and amazing monster design even if you don't recognize it as a giant, flying Kabbalah, which it is. There's a time-honored anime tradition here of basing a major villain on Western religious symbolism, and it's nice to see such an extreme, downright haunting example in a digimon.

Sephirothmon is a cold, calculating entity whose ten spheres can recreate the powers of all ten ancient warriors, having secretly observed and analyzed both our heroes and villains throughout the series up to this point. Plus, Sephirothmon can manifest Mercuremon simultaneously, so you get the best of both weirdos at once! This one is supposed to be the evil beast descendant of Ancientwisemon, though regrettably, this Digimon is STILL only considered Perfect level, apparently. Come on, really?! Otherwise I couldn't have personally come up with a more effective design for the mightiest and most evil "mutant" digimon if I tried, and this is my first Gold rating for an actual digimon in a pretty long ass time. If you're just tuning in, that's the stamp I reserve for my true personal favorites, the digimon I'd actually want to be seen hanging out with in a digimon video game. Soak it up while you can, because it's also going to be another long ass time before we see another one.