Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



Oh, finally, finally we're getting into some good GOOD stuff! YEAH! Vademon is absolutely one of the most charming and unique digimon, and Vademon X takes full advantage of the opportunity to reimagine the tentacled brain alien into a completely different tentacled brain alien, now with a smaller but very stylish cerebrum, a goofy tapir-like trunk, rad looking goggles and abnormally long, "E.T." style index fingers.

Thing is, Vademon X has supposedly "taken an interest in Earth culture" and become "a delinquent." That's why he's wearing a wallet chain, ripped the sleeves off his uniform, and seemingly got his brain matter both pierced and tattooed, which cannot possibly be healthy, but I guess that's what makes it even more punk.



The rebellious punk gimmick does not transfer over to X-Antibody Ebemon, unfortunately, but that's okay, because hey! There's an X-antibody Ebemon! It kind of drops a lot of the things I loved most about Ebemon such as its insectile skinniness and visible brain, but, I really like the giant fluid-filled tube weapon and even more "medical robot" feeling this design gives me, while its bulkiness and broader head just makes it feel like it would be the "boss" of all the other Ebemon. Solid!