Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


This perfect-level undead digimon is a fan favorite said to have been born from "the data of counterfeit fossils thought to be the largest land mammal." Cool! I guess that's why Skullmammothmon X, Dinorexmon and Dinotigermon are among its possible evolutions. As for prevolutions, however, it can actually evolve from that Tobucatmon from the other day, and bizarrely enough, it seems to be the closest thing to Tobucatmon's "intended" evolution. All it has in common is being some sort of quadrupedal predator with wings, but, there you go. Sparkleplanecat evolves into a giant, demonic, fossilized corpse.

Skullbaluchimon's profile spends a lot of time discussing how mindless and devoid of any intelligence it's supposed to be, "operating by reflex" from the data of the nervous system that should be laid out in its body plan, yet it already appeared as a character in Digimon World Dusk, where it was a master arms dealer who designed a digital doomsday device for the villain, only to help out the heroes as soon as he'd gotten his payment.