Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


One of the oddest "subspecies" of a classic digimon, Agumon Hakase appeared as a playable child stage in 2006's iC 20X Digivice, and was functionally the same as any other Agumon, except that this Agumon apparently considers itself a professor of the digital world. Its profile mentions that it may have created its doctorate itself, which is hilarious, and that its hat can grant it extra intelligence, while its rod can help "persuade" its opponents. Honestly, a really funny and cute concept.


...But then there's Nise Agumon Hakase, or "Fake Agumon Expert," who only appears in the Digimon Collectors electronic card game. This is an Agumon who never actually did any research, but felt so jealous and bitter towards Agumon Hakase that he became a shady impostor who spreads bad lies around as "facts."

I love this concept, and I wish it wasn't limited to only a single game. I also love this faker's color scheme, and especially how his collar and tie evoke a row of cartoon teeth with a floppy tongue!

Both of these Agumon "professors" are assumed to evolve into the usual array of options, such as Greymon, but I wish they had gotten more thematic evolutions of their own.