Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Debuting in Digimon New Century for its predominantly Chinese audience, this Adult stage Digimon that can evolve from Impmon. It has a small, roundish monkey-like body with stubby little legs, but very large arms with clawed hands, and its face is always covered by a mask. Its default mask is a circular, white one with a big grin and yellow eyes, but it wears a huge cape lined inside with a collection of masks resembling the faces of various other Digimon. It can presumably have all sorts of them, but its main artwork comes with masks of Sunflowmon, Pumpmon, Pandamon, Mamemon, Andromon, Starmon, Evilmon and Tentomon.

A data type Digimon, it loves festivals and celebrations of all sorts, and it's said to be mute, but communicates with elaborate gesturing and pantomime.



Created as a perfect stage for the faceless Lianpumon, Xingtianmon is inspired by the legend of Xingtian, a warrior who kept fighting after his decapitation by using his nipples his eyes and his bellybutton as a mouth. His Digimon takes the form of a big, muscular humanoid whose black claws and pale fur tie it in with Lianpumon's design, there's only a burning blue flame where its head should be and there's a menacing, tusked face on its red and gold chest armor.

The "main" artwork of these Digimon only dropped more recently than their game graphics, along with their official profiles, so it's only now that we can see the kind of abstract, frowning blue face on Xintianmon's shield, nicely contrasting the furious oni-like red face on its axe!



The Ultimate stage for these Digimon is AWESOME. The Dijiang, if you don't know, is a divine beast similar to or interchangeable with the Hundun, an embodiment of chaos that takes the form of a faceless, furry egg-shaped monster with six legs and four wings.

The Digimon version is humanoid, but in the classic style of Digimon demons and devils, covered in blue latex and black belts and bandages with obscenely long arms and tattered, red wings, but where a head or face should be is only a featureless lump closed up by a silver zipper. It's also covered in yellow tags, as though to keep its evil sealed, and of COURSE one of its attacks is to unzip its zipper, sucking its enemy inside. Apparently not even Dijiangmon knows where they go! Another of its abilities is that it can apparently go unnoticed in crowds, and its very presence causes fighting and chaos to break out.

It's such a bizarre looking demon for how simple it is to describe, its proportions odd enough that it feels like a worthy reference to the Hundun even with a humanoid frame. An excellent addition to our selection of various evil devil guys, and all three Digimon we've just seen especially make much, much more appropriate evolutions for the classic Dracmon than what it originally came with!