Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Holy SHIT this an awesome looking design! Clear out of nowhere, we got a brand new plant lady Digimon entirely unlike the various Rosemon clones or fairies that have come before it. Oleamon looks like a tall, thin woman in a wrinkled black dress, but encircling her knees are a ring of long, black, wilted looking leaves or petals, and below these the dress flares into upcurled, fleshy red-brown petals that look similarly sickly.

Her arms are also petal-like, but basically the effect is that they're shaped like large, dark whale flippers hanging down her sides. There are openings half-way down these, like they're just a pair of dangling sleeves, but instead of hands, there are tufts of dull green grassy needles emerging from the openings.

Finally, the head: a giant, dead looking flower, matching the petals at the end of the dress, with Oleamon's face at the center, usually hidden by the downturned petals. All we can see of this face is from the nose down, that it's like a human's with pale green skin, and that she has a long, thin, stamen-like pink tongue protruding from her black lips. As confirmed by her appearance on Ghost Game, this mouth is the only facial feature she has.

Seemingly inspired by corpse-mimicking flowers, Oleamon is SUCH a cool and unique design for a Digimon, I literally thought it was fan-made by an artist like Sabedile. Even having said similar about other recent designs, I mean it more than ever this time. Oleamon is almost too cool looking to be canon, and its only downside is that, unlike any of the other Flower Woman Digimon, she's only a perfect level. I'm guessing if she ever gets an "official" evolution, it might only be Rafflesimon, but I hold out hope there may yet be a withered, meaty carrion plant Ultimate in the future.

Oleamon is also, surprisingly, the only plant digimon explicitly stated to naturally prey on insect digimon; it lures and enchants them with its odor, wraps them in petals and digests them alive. It's obviously a terrifying figure to insect Digimon, especially given that they normally live in peaceful symbiosis with plant types.