Halloween 2007: September Part II
September 22nd - Family Dollar
-B/O Ghost-
 I love stuff like this! Cheaply made, kinda ugly, and fairly boring to anyone
but myself. The tag says "B/O" for "Battery Operated" (or possibly "Body
Odor") but the light glued inside of the hollow plastic ghost is quite broken.
-More hanging head guys-
 These $1 head monsters are the simplest around, made of hard plastic
with a flimsy scrap of black gauze, but there's something striking about
them in person, especially the big mouth of the pumpkin.
-Stylish Window Clings (CLICK TO ENLARGE)-
 I haven't the heart to rip these guys from their home and stick them to aquaria; the
overall image is just too cool the way it is, like a totally wicked little $1 wall poster! I
especially like the nondescript shadow demon and crazed, flying mummy. The witch is a
little too cute to be hanging with these guys, but probably packing some absolutely ghastly
hexes all the same.

  My only critique is that there are spiders and beetles floating in a row for no possible
reason, but then I remember it's just a sheet of window clings.
-Wooden Skeleton-
 This goofy-looking guy has some great fashion sense.
September 23rd - K-Mart
-SON of the Crawling Brain!!!-
 Labeled only "TOTALLY GHOUL Talking Brain", this looks at first glance like a smaller
version of the humming, mobile brain from
last year, but bears a more interesting vertical
mouth and no wheels!

  Rather than sing and snarl, this particular brain is curiously all about post-mealtime:
 Yes, all this brain ever does is cough, belch, and compliment whatever horrifying
thing he must have eaten before you set his sensor off. Obviously, this is a
creeping brain in larval form, immobile and dependant on its parent to scare up
some grub!
September 27th - Big Lots
-Mummy Head Candleholder-
 The second most adorable piece of mummy-ceramic I purchased today,
these decapitated roly-poly pals have a shallow pit on top to presumably hold
a candle. They were only two dollars, and it took some time to find some
with the eyes all painted in the right place.
September 27th - Walgreens
-Stretchy Universal Monsters-
 You know what all the Universal monsters look like, so I only got the two I
liked best of the selection: Gill Man (his correct name, kids) and
Frankenstein's Monster's sexy wife, who loves a man with mucous-coated
scales (but who doesn't?)
Gill-man is a two-timing manwhore!
-Squeaking Rubber Rat-
 Looking more like an ugly mutant dog than a proper, adorable rat, this little
monster has an electronic sound device inside that emits several grating,
screeching squeaks when squeezed. Wouldn't it have been easier to just
make it a squeak toy? Ah well...
-Blissfully happy mummy planter-
 THIS is the cutest piece of mummy ceramic I found today, and I doubt that
much cuter can possibly exist in undead pharaoh form. A skeleton, witch and
ghost were also available, but relatively boring...and what business do they
have with cacti growing out of their brains? At least mummies actually come
from the desert!
September 30th - Five Below
-Ridiculous mummy pens-
 Maybe not as interesting as hand-mummy-pen, but I can't look at the one
on the right here without wanting to giggle maniacally. Can you imagine this
freak walking around?! Best of all, that preposterous cranium is