Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Halloween Greeting Card Review: Vespine Phantasms

   The exterior of this card is straightforward and brutal in its imagery; a pair of hymenopteran apparitions hover in the orange abyss between life and death, wailing their hatred for the world they left behind. Wailing for our flesh that they may live again.

  Dare we venture further, we are met with the ominous words of some as yet unidentified mastermind behind these venomous revenants. One who taunts us with a tone of playful, even intimate familiarity, but has sent us a duet of howling, spectral insects only to demonstrate for us that they can. Only so that we know, whoever and whatever they are, that they are control of forces far beyond mortal comprehension. If this entity or entities can deliver Apidaean poltergeists on such a trivial whim, one cannot begin to guess the full scope of their power...and for reasons unfathomable, we were chosen to receive that message. Perhaps the first of many.


I give this card ten out of ten so as not to incite the wrath of our nameless necromancer.

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