Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Video: Face Like a Frog

   With an only loosely meaningful title, confounding dialog and warping, psychedelic visuals, Face Like a Frog is a baffling and beautiful animated short with a lot of Halloween spirit. It was almost single-handedly created by animator Sally Cruikshank, released in 1988 with a musical score by none other than Danny Elfman, who lends his voice to a diabolical, flaming lizard. Interestingly enough (to me), part of its musical score was also used for the episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse with the giant eyeball monster, which was very significant in my childhood.


  The Frog's alligator car, while having only a single line, is quite possibly the most endearing character. That one line sums up an entire relationship between amphibious driver and reptilian vehicle that we never got to see.

  This hungry multi-mouthed weirdo is one of the uncountable creatures phasing in and out of this animated madness.

  Does your dog have rabies?

No, he gave them all away.

He looks like my car.

That's what they all say.

Pure poetry.

   I just really like this shot, and special ghost on the end.

  Elfman-lizard has some pretty slick moves, exaggerated from his actual dance skills.

   SPOILER ALERT! The house is haunted by nuts, not ghosts! Of course!

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