Written by Jonathan Wojcik

October 17: Lumpkin the Pumpkin online!

   Many, many years ago, I discovered a hidden gem of unintentional comedy in the aisles of Dollar Tree, an innocent little video tape entitled "Lumpkin the Pumpkin." Taking awful screenshots with a digital camera, I created one of my very first true "articles" and one that I'm still periodically e-mailed about by the few individuals who have seen the cartoon for themselves.

This year, they will no longer be an elite minority. As brought to my attention by my e-friend Freezair, Lumpkin has at long last been uploaded in its entirety to the internet. I won't be taking fresh screenshots or updating my old review. I won't even be elaborating any further in this post. Just watch, bathe in its heartfelt acting, and for all that is holy leave me some COMMENTS so I at least know I'm not still just imagining that this exists.

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