Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Video Feature: Swing, You Sinners

  One of my favorite theatrical cartoons, Max Fleischer's Swing, You Sinners is a must-see for anyone who appreciates any combination of monsters, musicals and animation. This black and white epic tells the dark tale of a chicken thief who wanders into a graveyard where he is terrorized, judged, executed and dragged straight to hell by an insane gaggle of ghosts and demons!


  This multi-eyed water puddle appears for only a second.


  If it can be haunted, it will be.

  This is a scythe. A haunted, singing scythe.

  This chicken is the second coolest thing you will see animated today. I often find his scat beats stuck in my head on a never-ending loop, independent from the rest of the song, and I'm alright with that.

  "Where you want 'yo body sent?!"

  "Body!? Ain't gonna be NO body!"

  A ghostly gator struts his stuff.

  Love this phantom octopus and his matching octo-dog.

  This frog is the coolest thing you will see animated today, or ever. His dance moves are pure poetry. For a denizen of hades, his singing voice would make angels weep.

   UPDATE: Reader Ryan Casey sent me this absolutely phenomenal artwork of his own, inspired by this post!

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