Written by Jonathan Wojcik

DECEMBER 9: A Creepypasta Appetizer!

   Bogleech.com's first-ever Horror writing contest is already proving a huge success; I've already been sent more than sixty stories, and not one has failed to deliver something creatively dreadful. We still have weeks to go before the final deadline, but I'd like to share at least a small sample ahead of time; these are just a few favorites of mine so far, if it's even really possible to narrow them down. Think you can do better? Prove it! Think you can only do a fraction as good? I STILL WANT IT. Don't be shy!

Teddy - By Stuart - "I have no hands. I have no feet. My mouth is nothing more than a line of flaxen thread"

Watch for Willy - By Chris Wolf - "Can YOU find Willy in this busy-busy town full of colorful, oblivious little people??"

Dolls of Bits - By NonExistence - "Small.Of bone and hair."

A Thousand Bodies - By Adam Bellamy - "I can feel the scratching in my head again..."

Baby Sleigh - By Anonymous - "a slick and oiled handlebar moustache, its tips groomed into impeccable curls"

I Win - By Anonymous - "The behemoth rises. The whirling blades launch their assult. No blood is shed on this side of the glass."

Porcelain God - By Four-Wing Muse - "You are here because of the thing in your gut."