Written by Jonathan Wojcik


So what's up, guys?

   I know it's already the 21st for many of you, and today's (or tonight's) update both is and isn't a "real" one. I guess this post is more like a late intermission as we approach our final week and a half of fun. I'm wrapping up work on my last few articles and drawings for October, which should be pretty good, though I must say it never really feels like enough. I always wish I had something huge to share for Halloween, or at least huge by my standards, like a new flash cartoon or a new art contest, but time flies by and the season always seems to just sneak right up on my lazy ass. Tonight, I'd just like to share a few Halloween links and hear from you. What's up? What are your plans? Do they even do Halloween where you live? Do you need costume ideas? Movie suggestions? Any questions bugging you? I'll respond to every single legitimate comment you leave here, even if it has nothing to do with Halloween or Bogleech or anything I even have prior knowledge of. Meanwhile, enjoy this list of Halloween-related things on the internet:

   If you haven't already, you may enjoy my ever popular Halloween youtube video playlist, assembled with a great deal of care and consideration to what I personally consider the season's proper atmosphere, a mangled mix of disturbing horror and childish fun. There are hours of content here, from my favorite gruesome monster movie scenes, music videos, commercials and shorts to entire full-length specials!

   New for this year, I've also assembled a Halloween music playlist on youtube, with just a little crossover from the video-centric list. Musical taste isn't something I talk about often, possibly because I don't really have any - I enjoy interesting noises in memorable sequences, and I enjoyed getting a bunch together that carried a strong, not-too-serious Halloween vibe. 90% of these songs, I had never even heard of until I clicked through youtube's video suggestions, so no, I don't care if you think X artist is a tool and his music sucks. Chances are good that I'd have no comprehension of what you're talking about. Can you tell why I don't get into music fandom?

   I'd also like to remind you that Dinosaur Dracula is one of the few other websites that gets as excited as I do about dangly rubber bugs and pumpkin-shaped food. I've been a fan of Matt's writing since I was relatively new to the internet, and you can probably owe the very creation of Bogleech at least partially to the pop-culture website boom he helped pioneer.

   Now, I did say Dinodrac was one of the "few" other websites like this one, and I-mockery is one of those few others known for its Halloween countdowns, with loads of movie reviews, toy reviews and miscellaneous SPOOKY fun!

   Chances are good that you may also be familiar with Cinemassacre, at least for the Angry Video Game Nerd, but James Rolfe's yearly monster movie marathons, while less comedic, are always a fun way to discover films you may have missed out on - or, at least for hardcore monster nerds, a trip down memory lane.

   Chances are also good that if you enjoy Bogleech, you're already well acquainted with the online horror fiction phenomenon that is The SCP Foundation, though if you're not, I suggest you start off with the one that started it all before browsing the 1500+ entries that followed suit. Some are short, but sweet, like the severed head that thinks it's a crab. Others expand into epic tales of terror, like the "field logs" attached to The Flesh That Hates. I don't include the SCP foundation because they're doing anything extra special for the season, but it's just not Halloween without a creepypasta binge, now is it? I myself wrote the Reconstructing Maggots back in August of last year, still one of the top rated SCP's, and may be delving back into the site in the very near future.

   Speaking of creepypasta, the talented Kris Straub, best known for the hilarious Chainsawsuit webcomic, has just started up a promising new horror series called Broodhollow, which is still building itself up, but has me fairly excited. Kris shares almost my exact sensibilities when it comes to horror, and even wrote my all-time favorite disturbing internet tale, Candle Cove. There's another one you've no business skipping before the 31st slips us by!

There's plenty more where all this crap came from, but I'm not trying to index the entire world of e-ween here. If you've got some great seasonal links of your own, drop them in the disqus box!