Bogleech Halloween Classics:

Big Head Monsters!


Jonathan Wojcik

   The "big head monsters" first appeared in the early 2000's, originally with only the Skeleton and Zombie on the far right. Later, a vampire, witch and pirate skeleton would be added, but I never did pick up any of these beyond the skeleton. I most regret always skipping that gnarly, almost Ed-Roth looking witch before the line faded from existence.

   Luckily, there were a few other, later big heads I did manage to snag, and they're all pretty damn interesting. I've never been really big on most werewolves, but the crazy cartoon eyes and jutting fangs of this one were strangely irresistible; still one of the only wolf-me in my whole Halloween collection, a testament to just how much character this one displays.

   Released simultaneously with wolfie was this damn creepy gremlin-like creature, its watery anime eyes only enhance the uncanny horror of its child-like face, bruised looking flesh and nauseatingly filthy mouth. They even went the extra mile and embedded scraggly hairs in its arms and feet! Its rare that you get just a nondescript "goblin" in a Halloween prop, and I'm inclined to believe it was released in the hopes of cashing in on the then-wild popularity of Gollum.

   The very last Big-Head I ever acquired was also one that had eluded me, at the time, for several years. A friend had told me all about how he found a mummy in the line, and even tried to mail it to me, but the package was mysteriously lost in transit, and it took another three or four years to find a single specimen haunting Ebay. I just love those rotten, irregular teeth, sickly blue skin and perfectly stick-shaped body. Delightful from head to toe!

   The only other true Big Head I'm aware of was debatably the least interesting, an alternate "sexy" witch with the proportions of a Bratz doll. Eh.

   Almost concurrent with the Big Heads was a slightly more "marketed" line under the name "Zombabies," which were about equally cute, but the only one I decided to buy for myself was their mummy, a one-eyed affair with more menacing jaws and nails. You can see how the Zombabies are actually a bit larger than the big-heads. For some reason my mind instantly decided that these two were a married couple, wife on the left . You can see it, right?