Bogleech Halloween Classics:

Undead Chickens!

DISCOVERED: Petco, 2008

Jonathan Wojcik

   Another pet toy far too special for Cujo's dirty mouth, this set of ghoulish horror chickens came and went in 2008, never to return. I bought all three "undead" monster types for the sake of completion, and all three are cool in their own unique way, though the mummy is by far the coolest, with a completely missing foot, a bandaged right wing and even a stitched-shut eye! Its jagged, rotten beak is also probably the coolest touch, and I always enjoy blue skinned mummies. The vampire has a nice gray-scale face, offset by a fleck of blood and beady, staring red eyes. The skeleton, finally, is just a wonderful overall sculpt, with cool bony wings and even a single, dangling feather!

   In this shot, you can see the mummy's other creepy eye, and note that the skeleton wears a hat to match its grey overcoat.