Bogleech Halloween Classics:

The Crawling Brain and Song!

DISCOVERED: Michael's, 2006

Jonathan Wojcik

   Brain creatures are a classic trope of horror films, comics, cartoons and video games, but tragically uncommon in three-dimensional merchandise. That's part of why this animated "crawling brain" is so special, nothing more than a bodiless cerebrum with a mouth full of nasty little teeth! What's truly delightful, however, is the fact that it hums a jaunty tune before it reveals its jaws with a menacing snarl. It's as if it's trying to get your guard down, reassuring you that it's the kind of undead, slithering body organ that hums jaunty tunes, and not the kind that will eat your face.

   The following year, in 2007, a somewhat different animatronic brain appeared in the aisles of K-mart. Sharing the materials and color scheme, this smaller brain features a vertical mouth, splitting completely open like some sort of brainy venus fly trap. Unable to move, it simply chomps its mouth when it detects movement, and says one of four "phrases," two of them just chewing and belching:

Sound Clip 1

Sound Clip 2

Sound Clip 3

Sound Clip 4

   I like to think the second brain is the immature stage, dependent on being fed by its more mobile mommy and daddy brains until it learns their musical stalking technique.