Bogleech Halloween Classics:

Maddogs Monsters!

DISCOVERED: Wal-Mart, 2003

Jonathan Wojcik

   This set of squeaky, vinyl dog toys enjoyed only a brief run, appearing around October from 2003-2005 wherever "Maddogs" pet toys were sold. It's a real shame they were retired, because how often have you ever seen a big, goofy, googly-eyed brain monster in toy form, let alone a tentacled brain monster riding a flying saucer? The fuzz creature and mummy are adorable too, but space-brain-squid is the real prize, and one of my single favorite "collectibles" of all time. I bought at least three of them while I could; I gave one away, and keep the others suspended from the ceiling by wire, like they're flying!

As soft, rubber dog toys, it's unlikely that many of these cuties survive today. Tens of thousands of space-brains must have been gnawed by canines until they had to be thrown in the trash, foiling their full-scale invasion of Earth and narrowly sparing humanity from genocide at their nubby, tentacular hands.