Bogleech Halloween Classics:

Vo-toys Mummy Men

DISCOVERED: Pet Supply Plus, 2007

Jonathan Wojcik

   It's amazing, sometimes, what gets sold cheaply for animals to chew on versus the quirky "collectibles" geeks will shell out hundreds of dollars for. The instant my eyes landed on the Vo-Toys "Mummyman," I was awestruck by its unrivaled beauty, and not all of that statement is comedic hyperbole. Mummyman oozes at least as much charm as any kitschy, vinyl "art toy" you can pick up at a comic convention, but he was only three dollars, and considering his intended purpose, you can bet he's now rare as hell.

   Who could ever look into those bloodshot, pupil-less eyeballs and throw such a unique treasure to the gnashing fangs of a dog? Dogs don't even care how creative their chew-toys are. Dogs are artistically vapid, almost without exception. I love how the eyes look almost "electrical," like luminous bulbs full of crackling red energy, and how the whole thing looks more like a diseased martian fetus than a "mummy," or your typical Hideshi Hino character design.

My Mummyman was the last of his kind at Pet Supply Plus, leaving open the tantalizing possibility that there could have been more than just the one design, and two years later, that maddening mystery was at last resolved:

   When I finally found Mummymen for sale online, the dealer made mention of two possible styles, and I couldn't resist ordering at least five new Mummymen for the admittedly hefty sum of $27, shipping included. To my surprise, the second design turned out to be significantly larger than his green and shriveled brother, a drastically different but no less lovable little fink with South-Park eyeballs, vampiric fangs, a razzing tongue and a perfectly flat, Frankensteinian scalp. If Mummyman the first had a Hideshi Hino vibe, Mummyman the second leans more towards Mizuki Shigeru.

Amusingly enough, I'd find both styles available at Petco weeks later - discounted at about seventeen cents a bag. You're damn right I stocked up. I just wish I knew where all my extras went off to.