Bogleech Halloween Classics:

Squirt Monsters

DISCOVERED: Gas Station, 2002

Jonathan Wojcik

   These unique little guys came out of a small display box at a gas station whose name escapes me, way back in 2002 at Ocean City, New Jersey. All three are inventively morbid in their own special ways, and it's difficult to really pick a favorite; the burnt-looking skull with his exposed brain is a close contender, but the relatively human-looking one with the bloody head wound is probably the creepiest, and the warty green monster with a gouged-out eye is the most amusing. They look like finger puppet designs, with their flat bottoms and thumb-tip shapes, but they're all water squirters. I wouldn't be surprised if finger puppet versions existed at some point.

It's been over ten years since I bought them and I never did assign them names. Let's just call them Skug, Thug and Glug. Skug is clearly the leader. Thug is just crazy, and Glug perhaps a moderately gentler soul, more interested in eating than hurting anyone. It's just that he happens to eat human flesh is all; it's nothing personal.