Freaky Fingers's Halloween Collecting Blog 2010:
PURCHASED: Michael's, August 30
As I have clearly demonstrated, Freaky Fingers are a colorful plastic product serving the
dual purpose of holding a "chupa chups" confection while giving onlookers the
impression that your fingers may, in fact, be
freaky, though keep in mind that actual
freakiness levels may vary accordingly with the observer. There are six different designs,
and at little over a dollar each, I couldn't help but buy a full set . Now I am going to review
them individually, because I haven't found a whole lot this month and have nothing better
to do than review plastic monster fingers.
The tentacle - a logical inclusion, the tentacle has a pleasing blue, green and pink color
scheme with prominent suckers.

The scaly claw - perhaps from a reptilian demon, the scaly claw has an interesting
texture and warm, sinister colors.

The mummy finger - Yes, this is actually a mummy finger. The sculpt is of cloth
wrapping, but they painted it entirely red for some reason. The worms and the
antlion/spider/scarab are what really sells this misfit.

The spiders - at first, I couldn't even tell this was still a finger. It just seemed more like a
pillar of spiders. On closer inspection, it does have a sculpted knuckle, and the large
spider is positioned as a fingernail. Fairly cute. It still makes a neat little pillar of spiders,
of course.

The Frankensteinian finger - Obligatory, I suppose. We've got blood, stitches and
bolts; all the trappings of your
classic prosthetic monster finger.

The tentacled eyeball - the obvious winner. Unlike the spiders, there's nothing about this
that says "finger" under any amount of scrutiny. It's more like a little
finger puppet or
figurine of a tentacled eyeball, though the notion of a creature with tentacled eyeballs for
fingers is pretty thought provoking.