The Unhappiest Scarecrow's Halloween Collecting Blog 2010:
PURCHASED: Gabriel Brothers, August 18
Look at that face! It's like every angle is a new flavor of misery. You can't tell in the dark,
but this guy has a pair of black, tubular legs and straw-clump feet even longer than his
upper body, putting him at almost four or five feet in height! His arms can also be posed,
and I find it really cool that his otherwise crude inner works include a
plastic rib cage.
You can't see it from the outside, sure, but you can
feel it when you touch him, like
somebody built a scarecrow from the remains of a baby.
Primarily a clothing store, the same Gabriel Brothers has been in my old neighborhood
for as long as I can remember, but this is the first time they've had anything impressive in
the way of Halloween, and it wasn't just this guy - an entire display wall was devoted to all
manner of hanging creatures, including this guy's
larger, more expensive brother and
smaller, cheaper nephew. They were born with real hands, but their orange heads and
red eyes didn't quite tug at my heartstrings like our mopey new friend here. There were
also these
freaky little bag-headed guys I strongly considered, but on a limited budget I
deemed their drawn-on features too drawn-on.