The Action Skeleton Casket's Halloween Collecting Blog 2010:
Found: Goodwill's trash, summer
Only about four inches tall, this lovely little resin sculpture was given to me sometime in
the summer by my friends who make a hobby of rooting through the dumpsters behind
Goodwill (shhh!) for items of interest. You would be shocked and dismayed at what
Goodwill considered "garbage" wonders if they even bothered to look inside the
coffin before chucking it. They would have clearly seen that it was still in use:
Yes, a set of tiny metal hinges allow you to leave the coffin door open or closed to your
taste, and that's basically it. You might like to see the happy Skeleton one day, but the
next day might not be a happy skeleton day
at all. You just never know...that's the beauty
of living and sometimes we have to learn that from a fleshless corpse.

Personally, I plan to leave him closed all year until I start up this blog and close him again
after Halloween. He will be my designated Halloween decoration, because all the other
ones are up year-round anyway.