Baffling Halloween(?!) Animals's Halloween Collecting Blog 2010:
PURCHASED: Target, September 17
These seem awfully normal at first glance; just a bunch of cute, puffy animal stickers with a
Halloween motif. I almost overlooked them completely, but immediately felt something
"off" about them and moved in for a closer look....
Spot the weird, yet? Every single one of these animals are not only staring straight at us
with cold, hungry bug-eyes, but every single one of them has vampiric-looking fangs
despite none of them being dressed up like vampires. Hell, half of them lack
any other
indicators that they have anything to do with Halloween. Take them off the sticker sheet,
and you're just left with fanged duckies and turtles devoid of context.

staring. Just...staring.

This is my new favorite thing ever.