Haunted Things & Cheeky Tombstones
Bogleech.com's Halloween Collecting Blog 2010:
Purchased: Dollar Tree, August 10
The first thing I noticed about these dollar tombstones was the spooky-faced tree, one of
my favorite underdogs of the Halloween world. Spooky trees are everywhere in
Halloween imagery, but only rarely treated as monsters in their own right. Too often
they're just a part of the scenery, overshadowed by a bunch of other ghosts and beasties.

It was after picking out the tree that I noticed the one with the
broom, and a spooky-faced
broom is a first for my entire collection. It's obviously some sort of witch's familiar, but
where did the witch go? Is that her hat, or the broom's hat? Did she turn herself into a
broom? Why would she do something like that? I guess you never know what a witch
might be thinking. With all those children they eat their brains must be swiss cheese.

. Look it up.