's Halloween Blog Fan-Art Gallery
If you've ever read any of my Halloween collecting blogs, you know that I amass tons
of peculiar, generic monsters year after year (pictured here intermingling with licensed
characters) from the
terrifying to the perplexing. If any of these monsters have ever
caught your creative eye, why not show them your appreciation with a bit of fan-art? As
of 2009, will be forever accepting fan-art submissions for positively any
monster ever to appear in the yearly Halloween blog!

Of course, some of you might have collected some unusual Halloween decorations,
props and toys of your own. If you'd like to illustrate one of those (or already have!) feel
free to send that in along with a photograph of the subject!

Just e-mail your entries to , by attachment or link!
The weird little imp-bat guy has actually stolen his cape from another monster! Oh noes!
THREE monsters in one! The crawling brain never looked so horrific, and dropping spider never so cute.
A continuation of the comic featured in my Leucochloridium gallery!
A colorful and beautifully gruesome conclusion!
The carnivorous plant stamp in wickedly ferocious, lifelike detail!
A comic by Penny Rosenstein
Who will win the three-way cockfight of the dead?!
Arguably the cutest of the five.
Dodoman1 (five entries!)
Drawn beautifully and extremely cute...but also unbelievably heart-rending. Unless you're one of those no-good dirty cat-haters.
Another of Eternalsaturn's SUPERB cartoon-style entries!
These guys look even more deranged than the originals!
A particularly unique choice in subject, drawn way cool!
Not based on my collection, but on one of my nature articles! An EPIC collection of monstrosities!
A mother feeds her offspring. One of the funniest, cutest and weirdest entries!
I never did pick up those other two...but the Skin of Toad is the coolest anyway!
Earwig Queen
John Pesando (two entries)
The monster mascots from Target store's 2009 Halloween campaign, looking way cooler than they ever did on official merchandise!
Almost all of my most interesting Pumpkin-man discoveries, interpreted in a slick and spooky new style!
Awesome composition and some original choices! Even the HANGING WRATH is there! The cat building is an item from Jstar's collection!
Jstar25 (three entries!)
Creative uses for some of my more obscure discoveries! Riding that big, one-eyed bone looks like wholesome fun to me!
Some Halloween pet toys about to turn the tables! I love how huge the mummy ball is, and the gooiness of the nose ball!
An original, looser interpretation of the Halloween jack in the box, scaring a totally original and awesome-looking bug eyed monster!
A cool portrait of the amazing Vampire Spider!
We now know where Magnificent maggots and their knockoff decorations actually come from; it's a magnificent maggot queen!
Ophiguris included the basis photo right in the submission. He's done his ice cream, and now he's hungry for something else...BUT WHAT?
Including two of my very few Haunted Tree decorations, this is a distinct and cool selection, all made far creepier than they originally were!
The crazy, hanging witch looking particularly demented, kinda sexy and beautifully colorful!
The Mummyman (drawn beautifully!) regrets last night's capering.
A crazy and grotesque comic showing why you never cross a completely insane witch, with some ADORABLE portrayals of some of my favorite critters!
Two of my favorite Halloween pet toys dress in adorable little costumes to get some candy!
Prisonsuit Rabbitman (three entries!)
Click thumbnails for a larger view! Many artists chose to include more than one
creature in a single image, so you may miss quite a bit if you don't click!

Artist names link to their galleries or websites where applicable, which may contain
mature content. Deal with it.
Two of my favorites in a grisly combination!
This one is also in the Leucochloridium gallery, but it's also relevant here!
David Lynch
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All of the following monsters appear in gallery thus far, and each one comes
from a different toy, decoration, prop or other Halloween doohickey I've
featured on the site! Can you find them all in both the gallery
and the blog?
A Halloween MASK design based on the Magnificent maggot!
? ? ?
Tedd Miller
A complete maggot costume design, both monstrous and classy! The segmented dress really adds a lot, I think.