a printable game by Jonathan Wojcik

...Whether you keep stubbing your toe on the same damn corner or you've just been diagnosed with brain-eating protozoa, there just might be a Homunculus to blame, an awful little thing born from your fears, anxieties and frustrations, hell-bent on ruining your day because that's just what awful little monsters do.

Fortunately, you have the power to fight back!

Homunculus Nightmare is a printable horror game in which the player must expose each monster to its unique fear. Simply do what its card says, and take a photograph as proof, like this one, with a senseless weakness to adorable, harmless spiders! Some monsters are easy to defeat with items around the house, while others might require you to venture outdoors and perform stranger, more unwholesome tasks.

to buy the new pre-printed version with 12 secret monsters for $10.99!

SINGLE PLAYER QUEST: Defeat 31 different monsters, photographing evidence of each victory, and e-mail bogleech@hotmail.com your results! You'll be eligible for a special prize - your own personal, official Homunculus added to the roster!


The original thirty monsters are available in both full color and ink-saving colorless versions! It also counts to draw your own versions!







Only one of the three possible bosses were necessary to complete the original run of Homunculus Nightmare These three are dress-up challenges, and each is designed so almost anyone can slap together a costume from some common materials. These do not actually need to be printed to defeat, and a boss is not absolutely required to complete the game - just so long as you defeated 31 different creatures or more!


The reward for defeating any 31 homonculi (with or without a boss monster) is a card of your very own! These also count towards the total for any future players who choose them!

Ron MacGillivray's Homunculus

S3be's Homunculus

Mszarves's Homunculus

Pinkyfish4's Homunculus

Drleevezan's Homunculus

Jimy85's Homunculus

FishF's Homunculus

If you have DEFEATED ANY 31 DIFFERENT HOMUNCULI, you are eligible to have your own personal Homunculus added to the game canon! Just send me your victory photos (as links in the comments below, or in an email) and let me know what your own Homunculus would do to tick you off, how you would like it defeated, and/or any other details you would like. This offer is open FOREVER or until further notice, and any monsters on this entire page can count towards your 31!

Those of you who came close but got stuck on a few creatures can continue your slaughter at any time, with any new monsters that have been or will be added! Don't give up! IT'S WHAT THEY WANT!


SPOOKEDFAN was one of the first people to defeat all 31 original monsters, successfully cosplayed all three possible bosses, and also happened to create her own series of homunculi! These twelve seem to be based on some sort of thing that occurs around the same time as Halloween II. What was it called again? Ice Halloween?

Congratulations, Cinnamonroach, the first human ever to complete the single player challenge!
Sorry for any inconvenience that may be posed by having become the new Mother Homunculus.