Creatures of Kid Icarus III

A video game monster review by Jonathan Wojcik

Stage three is also known as "Skyworld," the heavenly realm once home to our hero's winged friends and family, now overtaken by Medusa and her evil underlings! Oh no!

   Strange that the "God of Plants" would manifest as nothing but a common obstacle, but I guess it's not a really big name in the pantheon. Seems like kind of a jerk, anyway. What's the point of a garden nobody is allowed in?

   I like obviously mechanical beings are referred to as "creatures." It makes them feel a little more interesting. Maybe there's actually an organic element inside this thing, or it's some kind of spirit controlling a metal body.

   I hate to say this, but this "octopus creature" is completely boring. Cute grouchy face, sure, but we've already seen some far stranger tentacled blobs and orbs. Give us something new, Medusa!

   That's not new! That's just borrowed! I'm onto you! Komayto are obviously Metroids from Kid Icarus's "sister" game, with "ko" indicating that these would be "child" versions. Whereas Metroids are title-worthy threats in the life of Samus Aran, they're just another swarming nuisance in the realm of the gods.

   Pluton with wings. Nothing special here. Seems like an even bigger dick, too...that's just what flight powers do to a guy, I guess.

   I guess they didn't want to say "Uranus." Another big ugly guy who falls rather short of arousing my interest.

   I might have said the same thing of Collin here, a rather bland helmeted humanoid, until the part about "Eeleyes." Eeleyes? What are those?

   Oh! Eeleyes! How precious! I have no idea what the hell "body checks" are, but we can surmise that these are evil parasites used by Medusa to corrupt what was once a noble warrior.

   A meaner, more competent and fully Aerodynamic Kobil - it's the Kobil paratroopa! I think I miss Kobil's vacant, stupid stare and fatness. This guy doesn't look as much fun to hang out with.

   The third stage boss. Interesting to imagine Pandora actually becoming a god of disasters, and not just some nosy broad who opened their box. Why he/she/it is now a demonic bubble creature is anyone's guess.

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