Written by Jonathan Wojcik

It's pretty much one of the only spider-themed kaiju in the whole setting! I personally think spiders are among the least creepy animals out there, but I can still appreciate than any predator is "scary," and spiders are predators with some mighty formidable powers! Banpira is also a just gorgeously spidery and intimidating monster design; those bony, spiny limbs look fantastic, and I really enjoy how the suit disguises the actor's legs with that thick, shaggy fur, so the monster's legs can still appear thinner and spindlier than would otherwise be possible.

What's with that strange, psychedelic "hood" around the head, though? Well, that's basically the monster's built-in fog machine, because we didn't say it would actually have the same formidable powers as a spider, did we?

Banpira has the expected ability to spin webbing, but another of its powers is to generate a thick fog from its back to shroud its appearance. It also has the ability to generate tremors by pounding the ground, it can emit a paralyzing screech, and most notably of all...everyone who witnesses this monster forgets the whole experience.

This is a huge, monstrous, man-eating alien spider that stalks its victims under cover of fog and purges itself from the memory of all survivors. If you're one of those oddballs who find spiders horrifying already, I'd imagine that's maybe an even worse combination of things for a spider to do than the usual things. But no, it is not necessarily scarier than yesterday's Mezard; we aren't all just about "ranked" lists here!