ARTIST: Zombie on the Rise


Stench the Snargle - This big hulking brute rarely moves, but can snake it's head and colon several metres out to capture prey. To help draw in foes, Stench has allowed Peach the daemonut to live on its back. They form a symbiotic relationship: Peach draws nutrients from Stench's back, and in return provides the snargle with its addictive lure.

Peach the Daemonut - The large fruit on this plant produces a highly addictive and deadly toxin, which has the small chance of unlocking powerful psychic abilities in certain monsters. Both Stench and Skitter take advantage of this toxin.

Skitter the Host - While many hosts are useless by-products of monster creation, Skitter has the unique ability of being able to survive ingesting Peach's poisonous toxins. This has given it access to devestating psychic abilities that rival most other monsters. If it comes under direct attack, it will retreat into the safety of Stench's caverous stomach.

Addict the Jitter-Jitters are a rare creature to see on a battle team, but this one earns its place among its allies. The chemicals it produces in its head produce different effects for certain monsters, while doing nothing for others. This leads to some of the team depending on Addict to supply them with a constant fix. Also, to counteract the many irrational fears and phobias developed from having a chemical plant in its head, it wears a tank of chlorophorm to calm it down and prevent its heart from bursting from its chest if it sees a moustache.

Krang the Drainwave - Since drainwaves are weak physical combatants, Krang hangs back from the battle, using its psychic abilities to syphon energy from its foes. When it is high off of Addict's drugs, its energy draining abilities increase, allowing it to draw so much energy from a single target to the point where it flash freezes them. This flash freezing, combined with Veteren's powerful close range attacks, proves to be a deadly combo. It adopted its name after seeing a package from a Ninja Turtles toy in a garbage heap and thinking the brain in the box was it.

Veteran the Artilleraid-Fast on its feet, Veteren closes the distance between it and its enemies to unleash a volley of high explosive pellets onto its target. Since most artilleraids are not very well protected from attack, Veteren has had metal armour plating rivited directly into its bone structure, providing extra defence from incoming attack. Its shotgun pellets combined with Krang's flash freezing makes enemies vulnerable to shattering.

Azag-toth the Grenzo-A grenzo is a bizzare life form, consisting of a sentient goo living in a hollowed out meteor. The goo eats through most organic materials quickly, and the goo can travel up to a kilometre away to find food. The farther away from the meteor the goo is, the less potent it becomes. To compensate for this drawback, Azag-Toth allows itself to be used as a flail by Paladin. On contact, the goo is extremely potent due to its close proximity to the meteor. Combined with Addict's drugs, Azag-Toth can even dissolve metal objects.

Paladin the Malignus-This malignus became obsessed with knights and suits of armour while working security at a museum. It constantly shed its original Jason-like mask and developed a faceplate similar to the knights of old. Keeping with its knightly theme, Paladin wields its teammate Azag-Toth like a mideval flail, swinging it with reckless abandon at its enemies.

Itchy the Pestilouse-The biggest and most powerful monster on the team, Itchy dominates the battlefield with sheer brute force. It does, however, have a severe addiction to Addict's drugs. It constantly forces the jitter to inject it with chemicals, and as a result, Itchy becomes a blur. Moving faster than most beings can comprehend, it is even rumoured that this strung out pestilouse can dodge bullets and outrun all but the fastest of monsters. It does crash hard, though, and once ate its own leg off in a panic mid-battle.

Bathroy the Belladonna - This monster is the most beloved creature on the team, loved by all its members. While normal belladonna are aggressive in combat, she prefers to let her allies finish off a foe.. But in the most dire of circumstances, Bathroy disassembles herself and creates a wall of metal between her allies and enemies, letting her teammates re-couperate or prepare for a counter attack.



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