Targeted Transmission Plagueman


   This creature seems to have arisen from biological experimentation by the Mumblegog upon themselves, and the creatures almost universally treat Gezoond as authority figures.


The Gezoond is much smaller and lighter than the Mumblegog, capable of sustained flight with bursts of blinding speed. Its flexible snout is packed with chemical and electrical sensory pits that make it highly perceptive of the physiology, health and even microbiome of other organisms, and it can quickly induce mutations in its own symbiotic bacteria to infect even the most resilient of hosts. Circling high above its adversaries as it gathers information, it finally unleashes its carefully tailored infection in a shower of black blood from its multiple sinus tubes.

A Gezoond does not reproduce directly, but can choose to release a mutagenic compound in its sneeze that induces metamorphosis in a common Mumblegog. Retracting completely into its cap, the subject will slowly break down over many months and reconfigure into a new, fully grown Gezoond.


"Disease" and "magic" are the same term in the snuffling, sneezing language of the plaguemen, and Gezoond regard their own pathogens with a superstitious reverence, forming secretive "covens" that collaborate on new strains to share with one another and modify to their personal preferences. Valuing "memorability" above all else, a Gezoond's ideal plague is one with maximized cross-species contagiousness, an unusual combination of insidiously debilitating symptoms, and an actual mortality rate as close as possible to zero.

Other plaguemen tend to obey the every whim of Gezoond, but have no fear of them and do not necessarily take them seriously; the obedience appears to stem more from an almost paternal instinct, finding the Gezoond "masters" too endearing to resist.


While physically weak and vulnerable, a Gezoond's uniquely crafted pathogens can sicken subjects otherwise resistant to most other microbial weaponry, and the Gezoond's powerful brain makes it an excellent strategist.


BIOANALYSIS: A Gezoond can scan another organism's vitals from a significant distance, even "tasting" and individually identifying the microorganisms wafting from their bodies.

PLAGUE DRIZZLE:The Gezoond can soar high above its adversaries and release showers of its own blood, passing on contagious diseases few other monsters can resist.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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