MIASMADUSA - The Smog Jelly


   This tremendous cousin to the Smogulus scarcely resembles the bulbous mollusk core of its armored kin, its fluid body a formless conglutination of gas-filled bubbles with only a simple, saucer-like internal shell, shielding its brain from the struggles of absorbed prey. Its living "ink" rains down on its surroundings in a corrosive torrent, breaking down organic tissues, metals, plastics and more into a caustic fog the monster greedily inhales. Ropy pseudopodia drip to the ground to ensnare larger morsels, hauling the dead or dying up into its formless body.

   Able to survive many years without food, feral Miasmadusa spend much of their time adrift and asleep in the stratosphere, "snuggling" with others of their kind whenever possible. They are highly protective of Smogulus, which are known to call upon them with a clattering "dance" and their own secretive "smog signals."



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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