It throws me all over again when I remember that most "legendary" Pokemon really aren't supposed to be one-of-a-kind; official word is that they're not unique, but they're rare, and there's a general rule that this should be emphasized by depicting only one at a time in any official media.

So, the classic legendary bird trio apparently have unique Galar counterparts, beginning with this Articuno that completely swaps its ice typing for psychic! Since it's still named "Freezer" in Japanese, it's now said to use its psychic powers to freeze things "just like" they were trapped in ice! It also has a telekinetic field so constant, it doesn't even have to flap its wings.

This design is honestly just beautiful, too. My apologies to any Articuno purists, but those thin blue eyes and wispier feathers kind of blow the original design right out of the sky. This is one ominous giant bird.