Charizard, Pikachu and Eevee; that's almost every Kantonian crowd pleaser unless that DLC of theirs is going to throw in a Gigantamax Mewtwo. Fortunately I do rather like the idea of Eevee, rather than any of its evolutions, getting the gigantic monster form. The dex says that Gigantamax Eevee crushes people by accident when it attempts to play with them, which is funny. It's also another thing peculiarly close to the original region idea I'd written out myself; my region had basically "mutant pokemon," did I already mention that? I think I might have, when I reviewed Butterfree. Anyway, for the sake authenticity I'd included some of the usual marketable Pokemon and my idea for the "mutated" eevee line was TOTALLY just that Eevee itself would become a bigger, hairier, meaner Eevee, though I imagined something a little more extreme than this one.

They did at least give this thing a terrifyingly sinister cry of "EEEEEEEEE-VAHHHHHH!!!" but I can't say I have the energy to invest in finding that for you. I'm sure it's somewhere in some youtube compilation of all the Gigantamax Forms. Actually, I know it is, which is where I saw it, but I'm THAT lazy right now. What do you want from me. I turned 36 years old a week before this game came out and here I am picking apart its furries and dinosaurs on Christmas day before I'm even out of bed, but nobody's even going to read this review until the middle of January. There was literally no reason for me to write thirty of them at once when I had a million other things to do, but did I mention on here yet that 2019 was the year I got diagnosed with ADHD?! Who'd have thought an aging college dropout analyzing video game bug monsters on a circa 1999 homepage could have some kinda some sorta some cockamamie psycherlogimacal disorderus?!