And now, we have an example of a Gigantamax that really does deviate quite a bit from its base design, though really, so did Melmetal, didn't it? Kingler likely has the same exact face and body underneath its beard of foam, but it also has incredibly long, spiny new legs and a frighteningly enormous new claw! Besides the claw's crushing power, the dex informs us that the bubbles are alkaline enough to "melt" its opponents. You know, a lot of crabs blow bubbly foam, and you can tell from their media appearances that it's one of a crab's most "famous" features in the eyes of Japanese culture. I think the rest of the world must have been too distracted by how much else a crab has going on; the tough shell, the sideways walk, the buggy eyes AND the pinchers? It's like crabs are somebody's Original Character and they just couldn't narrow down the gimmicks.

Gigantamax Kingler is a humongous, thorny spider crab AND fiddler crab. It's a spiddler crab. It looks great, and I never would have expected they'd do so much with Kingler at all. Would have been better as an actual evolution, but as a design, it's perfect.